I'm Justine - founder of Healer's Harvest, where we believe in the healing powers of nature, self care & community. Our mission is to make holistic healing accessible through community herbalism, education & plant based self care rituals. 

 The Herbalist's Collaborative is a network of healers who join together to deepen our relationships with medicinal plants & advance our skills using them to support the health of our selves, families & communities.


We offer community plant walks & herbal consultations to educate our community on the healing benefits of native plants & how to use them.


 We create small batch organic herbal products & custom blends that are inspired by the cycles of nature & designed to encourage a strong connection to the natural world.

Finally, I offer plant based hair & scalp care services at Salt of the Earth Hair Studio in Warren RI, a space for luxurious self care rituals.

To see a list of holistic hair care services, or if this is your first time visiting our site, visit the links below. 


“Our indigenous herbalists say to pay attention when plants come to you; they’re bringing you something you need to learn.” 

-Robin Wall Kimmerer
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